Saturday, August 3, 2013

Reusable and disposable diapers true experience

To start with reusable diapers is more to baby concern whereby the comfort of using takes place.As a parent ,to see our baby sleep and play comfortably is to consider a good and quality diapers regardless the cost of buying .How much parent willing to pay to make them sleep and play well is absolutely depends to our budget .Here is the cost calculation for gdiapers which  that I picked from just to show how much the difference between reusable and disposable cloth diapers.

Sometimes the calculation would grow higher if along the growing process the babies change more diapers than what we expect.From my experiences the cost for disposable diapers would increase up to $100-200 depends on how you handle the babies everyday.

Cost of reusable gDiapers for first 12 months

gDiapers pant 6 pairs size small 8-14 pounds (2/$27)
gDiapers pant 6 pairs size medium 13-28 pounds (2/$27)
gDiapers 12 liners size small (6/$20)
gDiapers 12 liners size medium (6/$20)
gDiapers 24 cloth inserts size small (6/$27)
gDiapers 24 cloth inserts size medium (6/$27)
Laundry detergent for one diaper-only load every third day ($.22/wash for 122 washes)
Electricity and water costs (paying $.15/kWh and $22/1000 gallons)

Cost of disposable Huggies diapers for first 12 months

Huggies disposable diapers size newborn (up to 8 lbs, first month) 3 boxes at $25/box of 84
Disposable diapers size one (8-14lbs, second-fifth month ) 5 boxes at $42/box of 216
Disposable diapers size two (15-24lbs, sixth-twelfth month) 9 boxes at $42/box of 184
Playtex diaper gene (holds up to 30 diapers)
Diaper gene bag refills 16 at $7/180 diaper capacity)


I totally suggest parents to change from disposable diapers to reusable diapers because the balance of your money you can put it somewhere maybe for food supplements and child care.The above from Amazon are the best chosen cloth diapers worth for your money and remember more concern for your babies  is definitely worth for your money.

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