Sunday, May 13, 2012

Growing up your kids to be wealthy

Most parents realize that they need to grow their kids to be a good person in order to survive in a material society nowadays.However this must be taught since they are young and there are 5 certain guidelines to follow in order to profit the future investment.

1.To save,to spend and benevolence
Our kids must know the three concept of dividing the money coming in into three portion.Each dollar must be saved after divide into spending and benevolence portion.Introduced them to play with boxes,putting their toys into basket and advice them not to throw things as their wish since babies,toddlers so on.This will let them open their minds to make them aware of controlling goods.

2.Teach them to follow instruction instead of to follow what you do.To tell a bit lie in order to make them learn is quite useful to let them grow as a good person.

3.Honest language to talk about financial situation may help your kids to understand money.Let them grow to know why we cannot spend all for entertaining ,toys,etc.This will make them grow to care about money.

4.we have bills to pay ever month,in this case it is advisable to bring them together when we're reading the financial statements and bills.Teaching the financial word ,to read financial letters will benefit their future.

5.Make them to fully understand the 4 steps above and make it as daily compulsory activity to learn.

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