Monday, July 27, 2009

Lunatots Diapers:One Size Cloth Diapers - Never Buy Diapers Again

One size cloth diapers are a popular choice in cloth diapering. Most one size diapers will fit from about 8 to about 35 pounds. Exact size range depends on the brand. With one size cloth diapers you can use the same diapers for an infant and a toddler. This is great if you have two in diapers or if you only want to buy diapers once.

What are the pros and cons of one size diapers?

First, the pros. One size cloth diapers are convenient if you have more than one child in cloth diapers. You can use the same diapers on both children. If you plan to diaper only one child, you will typically save money by using mostly one size cloth diapers. You'll need about 2 dozen diapers in your stash for one child if you wash every other day, more if you have two in diapers or want to go three days between washes. Obviously, using the same diapers as your child grows is less expensive than buying new ones as they change sizes.

Next, the cons. One size diapers are a good option for many parents but they are not always the best option. Diapers, like anything else, will wear out over time. If you wash your diapers about every other day, they will be washed 180 times in a year. So, to last through birth to potty training, a diaper will need to go through over 400 washes. Imagine finding a pair of jeans that would last 400 washes and still look new.

Washing diapers does cause a certain amount of wear and tear. Snap diapers will last longer than hook and loop fastening diapers, but no diaper will last forever. If you use a small number of diapers and wash more often, they will wear out more quickly than if you have a large number of diapers and wash less often. If you plan to use the same diapers on more than one child, be prepared to replace some of them for the second child as those same diapers will now be expected to go through hundreds more washes!

Babies come in different shapes and sizes and not all newborns can go straight into one size diapers. I did use some one size diapers on my 6 pound 11 ounce baby, but she fit into them much better at 8-10 pounds. Some kids grow faster, some potty train later. I can get a Wahmies One Size on my 36 pound niece, who is not yet ready to potty train, but there is no way a BumGenius will fit around her substantial thighs.

So, while there is no perfect solution, many parents choose to use about half one size diapers and about half sized diapers. One size cloth diapers are a great option to save you money and storage space, and they are available in several different styles. Sized diapers come in extra small through extra large sizes and different brands fit differently, so you can often find a perfect fit in a sized diaper. Other parents happily use exclusively one sizediapers.

Julie R. Holland is an attachment parenting author and owner of Little for Now cloth diaper store. Little for Now stocks 11 different brands of cloth diapers with new items stocked weekly. Subscribe to the free Little for Now newsletter for cloth diaper savings and more great articles like this one.

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