Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wet diaper alert via sensor

A DISPOSABLE organic and wireless sensor in a diaper that lets a career know it needs changing was unveiled by Japanese researchers this week. The flexible integrated circuit printed on a single plastic film transmits information and receives its power wirelessly, and could potentially be manufactured for a few yen, the developers said.

The system, which uses organic materials that can be printed with inkjet technology, was developed by a team led by professors Takayasu Sakurai and Takao Someya at the University of Tokyo. In addition to use in infant diapers, the technology can be applied to adult nappies, which are a big seller in rapidly ageing Japan.

Regular diapers change color to indicate they are wet, but a caregiver still needs to take off the wearer's clothes to see."If sensing is done electronically, you can simply by coming close to the wearer without unclothing him or her"Someya said.

The technology could also be put on the skin like a plaster, in the place of often ring shaped devices currently used in hospitals to monitor pulse and blood oxygen levels, he said.

Healthcare sensors often use silicon and other relatively rigid materials that can cause them user discomfort. The flexibility of a single sheet of plastic film reduces discomfort for wearers and it means that it can be applied to a large number of places offering greater potential for monitoring by doctors of careers.

The prototype is capable of monitoring wetness,pressure,temperature and other phenomena that cause a change in electrical resistance said Someya.However the team hopes to refine it to reduce power consumption before it goes into widespread use.

Currently the data reading device needs to be a few centimeters from the sensor,but Someya said the team is exploring ways to increase the distance.

Researchers will unveil their work at an academic gathering now underway in San Francisco.

source-AFP Relaxnews

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Reusable and disposable diapers true experience

To start with reusable diapers is more to baby concern whereby the comfort of using takes place.As a parent ,to see our baby sleep and play comfortably is to consider a good and quality diapers regardless the cost of buying .How much parent willing to pay to make them sleep and play well is absolutely depends to our budget .Here is the cost calculation for gdiapers which  that I picked from just to show how much the difference between reusable and disposable cloth diapers.

Sometimes the calculation would grow higher if along the growing process the babies change more diapers than what we expect.From my experiences the cost for disposable diapers would increase up to $100-200 depends on how you handle the babies everyday.

Cost of reusable gDiapers for first 12 months

gDiapers pant 6 pairs size small 8-14 pounds (2/$27)
gDiapers pant 6 pairs size medium 13-28 pounds (2/$27)
gDiapers 12 liners size small (6/$20)
gDiapers 12 liners size medium (6/$20)
gDiapers 24 cloth inserts size small (6/$27)
gDiapers 24 cloth inserts size medium (6/$27)
Laundry detergent for one diaper-only load every third day ($.22/wash for 122 washes)
Electricity and water costs (paying $.15/kWh and $22/1000 gallons)

Cost of disposable Huggies diapers for first 12 months

Huggies disposable diapers size newborn (up to 8 lbs, first month) 3 boxes at $25/box of 84
Disposable diapers size one (8-14lbs, second-fifth month ) 5 boxes at $42/box of 216
Disposable diapers size two (15-24lbs, sixth-twelfth month) 9 boxes at $42/box of 184
Playtex diaper gene (holds up to 30 diapers)
Diaper gene bag refills 16 at $7/180 diaper capacity)


I totally suggest parents to change from disposable diapers to reusable diapers because the balance of your money you can put it somewhere maybe for food supplements and child care.The above from Amazon are the best chosen cloth diapers worth for your money and remember more concern for your babies  is definitely worth for your money.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Growing up your kids to be wealthy

Most parents realize that they need to grow their kids to be a good person in order to survive in a material society nowadays.However this must be taught since they are young and there are 5 certain guidelines to follow in order to profit the future investment.

1.To save,to spend and benevolence
Our kids must know the three concept of dividing the money coming in into three portion.Each dollar must be saved after divide into spending and benevolence portion.Introduced them to play with boxes,putting their toys into basket and advice them not to throw things as their wish since babies,toddlers so on.This will let them open their minds to make them aware of controlling goods.

2.Teach them to follow instruction instead of to follow what you do.To tell a bit lie in order to make them learn is quite useful to let them grow as a good person.

3.Honest language to talk about financial situation may help your kids to understand money.Let them grow to know why we cannot spend all for entertaining ,toys,etc.This will make them grow to care about money.

4.we have bills to pay ever month,in this case it is advisable to bring them together when we're reading the financial statements and bills.Teaching the financial word ,to read financial letters will benefit their future.

5.Make them to fully understand the 4 steps above and make it as daily compulsory activity to learn.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Respond to smile

There were  research about baby first smile after born.A few recorded baby will smile between six and eight weeks after born.If they do not smile within this period weeks they must have something on with them either they are having a minor sickness or stomach problem. Stomach problem consist of slow in digesting or their stomach is trying to adapt the milk situation.Make them respond to any sounds and make them smile will help them forget the digesting problem.

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